Dr. Jeri Lurz

Dr. Jeri Lurz was born in Valentine, NE. She went to Buena Vista University as an undergrad with a major in biology and mathematics, graduating in 2006. She then went on to further her veterinary education at Iowa State University, graduating in 2010. She was employed in Sparta, WI for the first 2 years following graduation. After that, she moved to Fremont and began working at Animal Medical Clinic in 2012.

Growing up on a farm, she had plenty of exposure to not only animals but also veterinary medicine. The best thing about working with animals or in the veterinary profession is the unpredictability and variety of people and situations she sees each day. Pets are a puzzle that makes her job equal parts difficult and rewarding.

Her first year in clinical rotations solidified her knowledge of being in the right profession. She enjoys building relationships with her clients, staff, and pets making each day rewarding. Her interests include soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, ultrasound of the abdomen and cardiac, physical therapy, and alternative medicine for pain relief. She likes learning new skills that can better the lives of her patients and their families. Dr. Jeri Lurz has a current Association at the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Her husband’s name is Ryan. When she’s not at work she enjoys going to the gym, reading, biking, and enjoying nature however possible. She has two dogs, Sassa, a Great Dane, and Edgar, a Bully Mix.