Pet Boarding in Fremont, NE

Animal Medical Clinic provides one of the best pet boarding facilities in Fremont, NE. Whether you need to leave town for a day or two, or you’re leaving for an annual vacation, our professional and caring staff is happy to look after your pet in your absence. We do, however, have some minimum requirements that must be met for your pet to stay in our boarding facility.

Pet Boarding Requirements

Pets need to be up to date on their vaccinations before boarding them with Animal Medical Clinic. This helps to prevent the spread of illnesses among pets because we often have multiple animals in our facility. Vaccine requirements are as follows:

  • Vaccines for Boarding Cats: Current rabies and FVRCP
  • Vaccines for Boarding Dogs: Current rabies, distemper & bordetella

There are some other items to bring with you when dropping a pet off for boarding. These will help your pet to be less nervous during their stay and will allow them to enjoy some of the same comforts they have while at home.

  • Sufficient amount of your pet’s food for their stay, including foods for special dietary needs
  • A couple of favorite toys
  • Pet blanket
  • Any medication your pet takes on a regular basis

What Happens during Pet Boarding?

Your dog or cat stays under the professional care and supervision of our staff while staying at Animal Medical Clinic. Your pet will receive one on one playtime and exercise with a staff member multiple times per day.

Most of the time, your pet will stay in its own private kennel or “kitty condo.” Boarded pets are kept in a separate area and away from any sick pets, our facility is caring for. Our staff keeps your pet’s individual “home” clean throughout the day. If your pet has any specific medical requirements, such as insulin shots or medication that is taken with food, our staff takes care of that as well.

We love pets here at Animal Medical Clinic and we will treat your dog or cat just like part of our family here!

Pet Boarding in Fremont, NE

Contact Us about Pet Boarding

If you are leaving for a few days and need a pet boarding facility for your dog or cat, call Animal Medical Clinic in Fremont at (402) 721-3033. We can also arrange a quick tour so you can see our pet boarding area ahead of time, to help you make a decision to board with us!