Yexenia Vallin

Yexenia graduated from Fremont High School in 2015 and now is currently going to Iowa Western Community College to study for Vet Tech.

She wanted to help others out, especially people who can’t speak English as their first language. Knowing that there aren’t many Hispanic veterinary technicians in the field and most of the time when walking in for a vet visit they don’t have the appropriate client education for their companion animals. She wants to change that and help them out. There’s much more information on taking care of pets than the stray dogs back in their native country. Her favorite thing about working with animals is getting to know their personality, watching them grow throughout the years, and at the end of the day seeing them happy to go home because honestly who wants to visit the doctor but knowing that their family cares so much about their health and would do anything to makes them feel better.

When she was younger she was in love with animals (except for creepy crawly and snakes). She was always helping out stray animals as much as she could with shelter, food, water, or taking them to the humane society. During high school, when she was job shadowing to see if it was the right profession. Once she experienced the great staff and the motivation that they had in helping the sick patients and finding solutions to help them, she knew that she wanted to keep learning and growing.

Yexenia was born in California and was raised in Nebraska her whole life. She has two loving dogs, Azula, who is 5 years old and she is an Australian Shepherd mix, and Kiwi, who is 3 years old and is a Maltese mix. When outside of work, she loves to watch movies, go walking with her dogs, roller skate, read, and glass paint.